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Uncovering Opportunities and Getting Off the Cow Path

Dealer Marketing 360 Series | 5 of 6: A sales territory is wide open opportunity. A cow path is narrow — worn by those pursuing the same customers in the same manner, again and again. 

In this EDA Marketing 360 white paper, we take the logical next step of exploring current sales approaches through that enhanced lens of market intelligence. The result is the ability to take a fresh new approach to sales practices - and get off the cow path. 

How can you get your sales force off the cow path? 

  • Helping them find and close emerging opportunities.
  • Getting them outside their comfort zones. 
  • Continuing to make data analysis part of your dealership’s sales and operations processes. 
  • Looking at service as a business development opportunity that must be exploited. 
  • Creating and supporting a Product Support Sales Representative (PSSR) job function