How Can Marketers Be More Data-Driven?

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How Can Marketers Be More Data-Driven?

John Burleson | September 3, 2015

Data -driven Marketing


More and more, we hear about how big data is transforming the world of marketing and advertising. But, surprisingly, many marketers are still struggling to make sense of data due to the volume and speed at which it is produced.


Recently, however, innovation has made it easier to bridge the gap. Historical industry and internal marketing data is being used to spot patterns that can predict future outcomes. Paired with the right technology, data is ushering in a new era of data-driven sales and marketing.


Here are a couple of the ways marketers are using EDA and other siloed data points to build better, more robust marketing campaigns.


Hyper-Target Prospects


The rise of data-driven marketing benefits buyers as much as marketers. Think about it like this, data provides marketers with the ability to identify the best prospects. If great customer experiences start at the moment a marketing message reaches a prospect, then delivering the right message to the right prospect at the right time improves the overall experience.


There are a lot of ways marketers are using data to find the prospects most receptive to their message.


One way is to use a combination of internal data, i.e. CRMs and marketing automation, and external data, i.e. EDA, to gain an intimate understanding of your best customers. This information allows marketers to pinpoint common characteristics and develop buyer personas, which can be used across your marketing efforts.


Buyer Personas allow you to focus your efforts, build tailored messages, and create better products.


In some cases, marketers can go further than developing buyer personas. Some data points can provide you with a wealth of information on prospects. Information such as physical and IP addresses can help you build ads expertly targeted to reach very specific prospects with very specific messaging.


Monitor Competitors


Data-driven marketing is more than just a way to hyper-target prospects and build campaigns. It’s also a way to take the pulse of your industry and gain a competitive advantage.


There are a variety of data silos you can use to keep an eye on what’s happening and benchmark your efforts compared to your competition and the industry as a whole. Combining these data points will give you a more complete picture.


For instance, EDA data can help you benchmark sales data in comparison to other major manufacturers and measure the industry as a whole. You can even nail this down to very specific areas. But you need to see more than that.


Social analytics and listening tools can help you learn more about competitors on social media. It provides you with information about shares, followers, audience demographics, and what people are saying. Other tools like SEMrush identify the keywords competitors are ranking for and what position they are in.


Connecting siloed data points helps you adapt your marketing strategy to real-time challenges.

Your sales team isn’t the only group who can utilize data to be more effective. You can benefit as well. At its core, data-driven marketing propels the value of engaging customers more effectively. When you’re using the right data, you have a secret weapon that can help you beat competitors and find new opportunities.

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