Warming Up the Cold Call with Data Insights

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Warming Up the Cold Call with Data Insights

Dan Salerno / Director of Sales | June 12, 2013


How do you prepare for your next sales call? There was a time when a sales call sounded something like this:

“Hello, my name is Jack. Let me tell you why I called. The name of my company is XYZ. We sell zebra stripes. That’s right, we help companies get their zebra stripes on. We work with companies that can benefit from [list of zebra stripe features]. Should we keep talking?”

This dive-in-the-dark approach is not only cold; it’s chilling. Companies that know how to leverage data and cull insight from it are warming up the cold call. In fact, for them, the cold call no longer exists.  They know the name and telephone number of key decision-makers at the company. They do a simple search online to learn more about that person. In the case of a construction equipment dealership, they know the company’s purchase history by brand and model, fleet size, number of employees and annual sales. They can compare the prospect profile to that of their best customers and know why the call is worth making.


Be Prepared When Making a Sales Call

There are a few questions every sales person should answer before making the sales call.

Who are they?  Numbers and products won’t tell you what matters to the business. View the website. Look for what is prominently displayed on their home page. Can you connect with them on social networks, sign up for a newsletter or watch a video?

"Why would they be interested in what we have to offer?" If you don’t know the answer to this question you are not ready to call on the prospect. Go further and find out what else interests them in addition to your product.

What should I find out during the call? Sales people are becoming more like consultants and less overtly sales-centered. What kind of information does your prospect need and when? You want to learn of their challenges and goals but also discover what they value and why they value it.

What’s the next step? This is what makes the call worthwhile. It is the beginning of a relationship when the prospect agrees to take a next step. Be sure to follow up. Help them get what they want. If you don’t have it, refer them to someone who can help.

Warming up the cold call makes a huge difference. When the calls are well targeted prospects are more likely to listen. Use your knowledge of them, the market and your products to become a valuable resource.  



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