Providing a New Sales Rep with the Right Information and Technology Tools for Success

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Providing a New Sales Rep with the Right Information and Technology Tools for Success

Andy Wilhelm / Sr. Product Manager | January 10, 2013


In construction equipment sales, unfortunately, personnel turnover is common. There are many reasons for it, but I would like to focus for a moment on how you as a sales or division manager can offer your new salesperson the information and technology that will give them the best possible chance for success. 

You've spent time, effort and money to bring on the best available person for the job. Your job is not over yet. To help them ramp up, hit the ground running, and have the best chance for success, focus on providing a handful of helpful things that can be digested quickly:

Lists of who are the top people to call on in their area. This is quality, up-to-date, clean market intelligence. It's also an immediately actionable list, so do everything in your power to prioritize and make sense of the list. Leverage your knowledge and experience and that of others in your dealership who've interacted with these prospects.

Provide as much useful past-history information as you have on your prospects. What has been their experience with your service department? Are they brand loyal, and has this shifted over time? When do their leasing arrangements expire - for your equipment as well as your competitors'?

Clarify your story for them. Are they selling the dealership or the brand of equipment foremost? How is the dealership or brand viewed in the marketplace, and how can you make the most of your brand? Don't make the new guy piece the story together or just make it up on the fly. Write it down. Go over it with them.

Provide a mobile presentation and a tablet or laptop to share with prospects. Have this ready for them on their first day at work.  Have information that can easily be e-mailed to prospects on the spot during a presentation. 

Employees are huge investments for your dealership. A modest amount of preparation and investment in tools can increase their chances of success manyfold.


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