How to Tell Your Dealership Story Through Testimonials

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How to Tell Your Dealership Story Through Testimonials

Gale Haruta / Director of Creative Services | October 24, 2013


A customer testimonial should not be a boring statement of fact about your people, products or services. It should tell a story. Testimonial stories are fun to read and informative. The customer is the main character, not you. And the place where the story takes place is his workplace, not yours.

Visualize the following six story elements using a particular customer as the main character. Real questions are provided for you to ask your customers. Follow this method and at the end you will have testimonials that tell your dealership story in a way that engages your customers and prospects.

Scene one: The main character (customer) is facing some kind of dilemma, challenge or conflict making the status quo seem unacceptable. He or she feels called to act.  Yet an obstacle is preventing him from getting what he needs or wants.

Question 1: “Will you tell me about the challenges you were facing when you first started looking for a solution?”

Scene two: The customer meets someone (you) who can help him plan a way to achieve his goal.

Question 2: “How did you find us? Was there an obstacle that would have prevented you from doing business with us?”

Scene three:  After talking with you, the customer acts on his desire to change the existing situation. Still, he faces challenges.

Question 3: “How did you decide which dealer could solve your problem?

Scene four: Disheartened by his challenges he reaches out again to you for advice. From what he’s learned, he is ready to face the challenge with new energy. Armed with more knowledge, he realizes you have a solution.

Question 4: “Of what benefit was our solution to your company? To you personally?”

Scene five: The customer gets his reward. He is then returned to the workday routine.

Question 5: “Can you name two other benefits our dealership has brought to your company?”

Scene six: The customer may face more challenges but gains insight and feels more confident having a good dealer support his efforts.

Question to ask: “Would you recommend our dealership? If so, why?

Using this method, here is the final testimonial from a contractor about his equipment dealer.

Final Testimonial:

“We were losing our competitive edge. Our competitor had adopted automatic grade control before we even considered it. We were losing bids consistently and when we did win jobs our margins were ridiculously low. All I knew about it was a few things I read in magazines. I was worried about adopting a new technology.  When I met John at an industry event I knew he was the real deal. It was clear he knew about the equipment and how it could help us more than anyone.

After we purchased the equipment, he helped us adjust to working without stakes. The machine is so accurate there is no more going back to rework the job. My operators love it.  Within weeks of purchasing the equipment we were winning more bids. It had paid for itself with the first three projects we won. I’m the new “Productivity” guru.  Our profitability has gone way up too. We are no longer waiting on the jobsite for an engineer. We can all access the information we need in real time.

I don’t know if I would have had the confidence to move forward with the purchase if it weren’t for John and the whole team at ABC Company. They gave us all the support we needed and helped us learn how to make money with automated grade control. We are a more competitive company today because of them.”

Their story is your story.

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