Evolving Expectations of Data and EDA Online

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Evolving Expectations of Data and EDA Online

Bill Ault / President | December 14, 2012


Since the 1960s, data has become more available in increasing quantities each year. The challenge is — and always has been — how to derive meaningful benefits from that data. What’s been the limiting factors until now? Technology and user understanding of the data and how best to deploy it usefully.

Technology today, however, can bring new understanding and execution of initiatives. As a business community, we’ve begun to take that requisite technical acumen and turn it into something that can deliver insight. Ultimately, the goal is to grow business revenue.

Currently, EDA is launching EDA Online, a new web application that provides rich equipment-data analytics. To us, it’s the logical progression of our data insight products, which have evolved over the years with technology and user enhancements.

EDA Online is the first step in making a truly user-friendly tool. We’ve partnered with multiple data providers to acquire and offer more data points. This means a richer product that can further contribute to our customers’ bottom-line.

We’ve focused on the user experience because our customers are focused on getting useful information and tools to their employees in the field, right when they need it. Typically, business owners and executives aren’t charged with using EDA Online. They certainly use the information to derive value and make higher-level decisions, but the day-in, day-out users of our products are in the field.  Again, technology allows us to deliver a superior product to the field, while enhancing reporting at the executive level.

As even more data becomes available and user expectations rise even higher, we will continue to work to refine and enhance the user experience as we continue to respond to customer needs with our products.

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